Back at it…

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything down. A good friend, who also happens to be an author, once said, generally, “I have to write a bunch of crap in order to mine down to the good stuff.” That just about covers it for me. However, most of the time, I don’t really feel like the things I have to say will be world-altering posts for a wide readership. As the title suggests, I’m just a dad who’s hopeful at times, but more often than not skeptical about most things.

I cannot offer regular post, I much prefer building towers out of blocks or exploring a galaxy far, far away via legos with my boys. But every once in a while, I get pissed enough about something that I tend to sit down and clear the pipes, so to speak.

Today, my beef is with politics. At this point in my life, I’m not sure I can take sides because, on a national level, our politicians are about as mature and team-spirited as a group of pre-schoolers fighting over a box of crayons. Though I would argue that those same pre-schoolers probably get more work done in a day. It would be nice if, instead of wasting time trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act or hollowly claim a care for the middle class, someone would make tangible change toward equal pay for men and women, push for affordable housing for everyone, etc.

On another note, I’m peeved right now that there is not a bank that will let me build my own house. But, at least my wife and I have too many school loans to get a good loan for an existing house…

I’m sure there will be more seething to come… And then, I’ll play hockey with in the living room with a felt ball and two of the most precious boys in the world.


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