The Church Project

Since deconstructing my fundamentalist faith nearly five years ago, the process of rebuilding with something a little more loving, compassionate and wide ranging has been difficult, so much so that’s is pretty much given up.

As my wife and I now begin a journey toward reconnecting with a faith community, I thought it would be very interesting to create a place where we offer our impressions and feelings about the churches we visit in our search for a meaningful, loving, generous, welcoming and inclusive place to belong.

These are all places in northern Colorado that we’ve visited in search of  community.

Sojourn Mennonite Fellowship: 1/8/17

Initial impressions: Small, very small. It’s a bit awkward when you walk into a place and our small family increases attendance by 50%.

Pros: friendly folks, meal following the service, and our boys seemed to have a good time.

Cons: level of excitement for being together for worship = 2 (on a scale of 1 to 10), a bit too small, it begs the question, “why pay rent for a space?”

Final thoughts: not quite our cup of tea. Folks were nice, but we are hoping for a little more life, all the way around

Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church: 1/15/17

Initial impressions: where the hell are all the kids? For that matter, where are the young families?

Pros: Warm, welcoming space, not too high church like. A good amount of interaction during the service, especially with a sweet elderly lady named Claire who got a bit teary-eyed when I asked what she did for fun. Gluten free communion crackers are a plus.

Cons: Every single person in the sanctuary were our senior by at least 20 years, and no kids. Maybe they all come early and not at the 10:45 service. But still, are there any progressive thinking young families in the Christian tradition? I guess we’ll have to keep looking.

Final thoughts: Probably a great church. Love the name, it’s just not for us. Don’t get me wrong, we relish a diversity in age with the people we spend time with, but we also hope our boys have interactions with their age group every once ina while too.